First Presbyterian, Farmington Hills, Michigan
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Lance Luce of Madison Heights, Michigan and Bill Klimas of Reuter
Pipe Organ Company in Lawrence, Kansas have created an
instrument like no other to date.

The Console is a custom designed 3 manual with 12 audio channels.  
The pipe work consists of 27 newly-built ranks in four divisions,
including separate Swell and Choir divisions under expression.  The
façade is the flamed copper 16’ Pedal Principal, blending beautifully
with the churches wood, brick and stained glass windows.

Lance and Bill worked closely together in designing a stoplist that
includes a principal chorus with mixtures in each of the three manual
divisions, various flute ranks, string and string celeste, and two trumpet
ranks, one of which continues in the pedal to a full length 16’.

The organ has 72 stops, unlimited piston memory, MIDI record and
playback, and 100+ additional organ and orchestral voices via a MIDI
sound module.

Mary Whittmore, organists, and Lance Luce, representative, traveled
to Lawrence, Kansas to the Reuter factory to play the organ in the
erecting room.  The organ was then completely disassembled and
delivered to the church and installed.  The church had recently
completed a renovation, in part, to make room for the new pipe

The result is an instrument that is beautiful to look at and listen to, with
all the modern features essential to traditional and modern worship
If you would like to learn
more about Reuter, visit
their web site at:
This is Mary
Whittmore with
Chris Leaver,
C.O.O.  of Reuter,
he was making sure
everything was OK.
If you would like to learn more
about the church, visit their
web site at:
These 3 pictures are of the
organ, set up in the factory,
in Lawrence, Kansas.  Mary
and I visited there, and played
the organ.
Fred Swann dedicates new organ at First Presbyterian of Farmington, April 20th, 2005
for an overflow size audience.  Everything was wonderful, the artist, the organ and the
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These 4 pictures ------->>>
show some of the
construction work that went
into expanding the
sanctuary.  Many new
improvements were done at
the same time as making
room for the organ.